Best of Speaking Bipolar | Q1 2023 Edition

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This quarterly, digital magazine contains all the Speaking Bipolar posts for January, February, and March 2023. Include 49 full-color pages.

Stories Include:

  • 5 Tips for Getting Unstuck When You Have Bipolar Disorder
  • After 3 Years, COVID Finally Caught Up With Me
  • Chronic Illness Has Turned Me Into a Liar
  • Day 2 in a Psychiatric Hospital: Adjusting to a New Reality
  • High-Functioning Bipolar Disorder and the Doubt You Must Overcome
  • Surviving Bipolar: My First Day in a Psychiatric Hospital
  • Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero and How It Connects to My Bipolar
  • The Importance of Exercising Regularly for People With Bipolar Disorder
  • The Positive Parts of Day Two in a Psychiatric Care Center
  • When Mental and Physical Health Collide: What To Know About Treating Bipolar When You’re Sick
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Best of Speaking Bipolar | Q1 2023 Edition

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